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Cherie Buckner-Webb

Cherie Buckner-Webb 2

Part of Club Night Concerts

Thursday, April 6 from 5 p.m.-10:30 p.m.

A woman of “power, passion and purpose,” Cherie Buckner-Webb is the Idaho State Representative for District 19 and the founder and principal of her consultancy, Sojourner Coaching. She finds inspiration in the “triumph over difficulties — in people that are continually looking to learn and stretch; people that live out their purpose and their passion; people that in spite of their fear, in spite of obstacles, go forward to do things that they are intended to do.”

Cherie holds a bachelor of arts in management and organizational leadership from George Fox University, and earned her master’s degree in social work from Northwest Nazarene University. She has an impressive list of awards and accomplishments, including receipt of the Boise State University 2010 Community Hero Award and, in recognition of her extensive volunteerism, the Jefferson Award for Public Service. She is also passionate about the arts. Cherie is a jazz and gospel singer and serves on the Idaho Commission on the Arts.

In her consultancy, Sojourner Coaching, Cherie supports highly motivated men and women to navigate the waters of their lives with purpose, works with clients to empower them to identify and utilize the tools needed to achieve extraordinary results in the most important areas of their lives, and supports clients to realize their dreams.

On a personal level, she has been informally supporting women for a long time, encouraging, mentoring, celebrating, and helping them to realize their potential. One of her dreams is to gather and share the stories of women to honor and empower other women, and to chronicle the legacy of the many amazing women she has known.

Cherie is the mother of two outrageous, caring, and accomplished sons, and she says they are a blessing every day. She is also the daughter of a very powerful woman and human rights activist, Dorothy Buckner. She says her mother was “a woman way ahead of her time that instilled in me the philosophy that all things are possible.” She recalls one of her mother’s admonitions: “Cherie, at times you must disturb the peace.”

While attending a showing of Sonya Rosario’s film, “Idaho’s Forgotten War,” a documentary on the Kootenai people and tribal leader Amy Trice, Cherie was inspired. It was Amy who solidified her commitment to run for Idaho State Representative.

Cherie’s credo is “leave a legacy,” and her intention is to leave this world better than she found it. Her advice for young women is, “Don’t limit yourself. Be open to the possibilities and strive to come into your power. There’s nothing unfeminine about being sure of yourself, being direct, taking charge, and doing it your own unique way. You must strive to know and present yourself wholly and fully in order to be part of a great team, partnership or relationship.”