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David Gluck Band

The David Gluck Band delivers a dynamic and eclectic mix of instrumental songs in a wide range of world music styles. All of the pieces are original and composed by drummer, David Gluck. The David Gluck Band performs in such styles as Latin jazz, Afro-Cuban jazz/pop, Reggae, American blues and Progressive rock. The band also draws upon the ‘exotic’ rhythms and musical scales of the Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern regions of the world. While respectfully honoring the deep and pure musical traditions of such places from around the globe, the David Gluck Band enjoys taking artistic liberties in the way they combine and interpret them.

There is a philosophical sentiment that offers an endless source of inspiration and direction for the David Gluck Band. It was said in similar ways by two icons of American music, Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington. In paraphrasing these two artistic masters, they both said that there are basically two types of music: music you like and music you don’t like, and it can be in any shape, form, style etc…. If it’s music that you like, then it is good and deserves to be heard and shared. The music of the David Gluck Band is music ‘we like’ and it comes in many shapes, forms and styles, a world beat blend of vibrant grooves and sublime melodies that we would like to share.


  • David Gluck – Percussion/Composition
  • Zander Hicks – Tenor sax., Soprano sax., Flute, Clarinet
  • Jimmy Lawrence –Keyboards
  • Jared Sene – Bass, Trombone